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Alphabet Inc subsidiary sues Women's Tyus Bowser Jersey , alleging IP theft

Pedestrians mill about in front of ride-sharing service Uber's headquarters in San Francisco. Photo: CFP

A company now owned by Uber in 2016 quietly bought a small firm specializing in sensor technology used in autonomous vehicles, giving the ride services company a patent in the technology and possibly a defense against a trade secrets theft lawsuit filed against it by rival Alphabet Inc.

The chief executive of little-known Tyto Lidar LLC said in a May 2016 post on LinkedIn that the company had been sold, at the same time as he and three other executives joined Otto, according to their profiles on the online business network. Official US patent data shows Otto acquired Tyto technology at the same time.

Otto, a self-driving truck start-up founded by former Alphabet employees, was bought by Uber in August.

The unpublicized acquisition may become a factor in the high-stakes legal fight between Uber and Alphabet Women's Marlon Humphrey Jersey , the parent of Google, as the two Silicon Valley companies aggressively develop self-driving technology, widely seen as the future of private road transport in the US.

Equally, it may end up being a footnote in the complex litigation, which could take years to unfold.

Alphabet's autonomous car unit Waymo sued Uber and Otto last week, alleging that former employee Anthony Levandowski Matt Judon Jersey , who left Waymo to set up Otto, downloaded and stole more than 14,000 confidential files, including details on light detection and ranging sensor technology, known as Lidar, a crucial element in most self-driving car systems.

It claimed that without those Waymo designs Michael Pierce Jersey , Uber could not have developed its technology as fast as it says.

An Uber spokesperson -declined to comment on Tyto, citing the pending litigation, but called Waymo's lawsuit "a baseless attempt to slow down a competitor."

Waymo declined to comment on Tyto.

'Striking resemblance'

In its lawsuit, Waymo said that by mid-2016, Uber was "more than five years behind in the race to develop vehicle automation technology suitable for the mass market," yet it built a Lidar system comparable to Waymo's "in only nine months."

However Austin Howard Jersey , the acquisition of Tyto means that at least two executives with long experience in Lidar - one as early as 2009, according to his LinkedIn profile - transferred to Otto and then Uber. Both had previously worked at Velodyne, another Silicon Valley Lidar pioneer, according to LinkedIn.

Tyto also came to Otto with a patent for a Lidar scanner that was filed in 2013 and has since been reassigned to Uber, according to the US Patent & Trademark Office website.

Eric Goldman, an intellectual property (IP) law professor at Silicon Valley's Santa Clara University School of Law Ryan Jensen Jersey , said the Tyto acquisition and its patent "could help rebut" Waymo's suggestion that Uber scaled up too quickly to have its own Lidar technology.

Trade secret plaintiffs commonly make circumstantial cases, such as Waymo implying that Uber could not have developed its own technology as fast as it purported to do, Goldman said.

"That prong of their arguments could be rebutted," Goldman said.

He cautioned, however, that Tyto's expertise and patent "may be irrelevant" if Waymo can prove its central allegation: Levandowski downloaded confidential trade secrets before leaving the company to form Otto - and that Uber exploited this stolen information to design a Lidar circuit board with a "striking resemblance" to Waymo's.

In an interview with Forbes in October 2016 that was published on Tuesday James Hurst Jersey , Levandowski said Uber did not steal trade secrets from Google.

"We did not steal any Google IP," he told the magazine.

Waymo says its patented Lidar technology is among its most valuable assets because it had successfully managed to reduce the price of the sensor by 90 percent.

All Lidar makers are seeking to reduce cost and size. Promotional material for Tyto from a 2015 trade conference said Tyto's technology "enables lower cost, lighter weight and smaller size Lidar sensors."

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